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Concrete Pavers: cost-effective and highly functional

Hardscape paving is a valuable asset on any property. It expands your living space and makes your yard more functional and traversable, and can give shape and form to your outdoor spaces.

Pavers are suitable in many applications including: pathways, patios, flooring for outdoor structures, driveways and front walkways.

There are many styles, colors, textures and patterns to choose from. In the Seattle area there are at least three major manufacturers whose products are readily available including Mutual Materials, Abbotsford and Belgard.

People often ask if stone paving is superior to interlocking concrete pavers. My answer is that in terms of cost, functionality and speed of installation, concrete pavers are the way to go. Real stone definitely has a magical quality to it that is timeless and genuine, and in certain applications it is preferable. But precast pavers offer a very dependable outcome and are generally easier to maintain.

Get out and take a look at all of the possibilities up close and in person before deciding.

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