From stone to brick, in both mortared and mortarless styles, Shepherd Stoneworks builds retaining walls and steps in a variety of styles to match your home.

Our skilled masons bring years of experience to each and every job we do, ensuring that your steps will be built with quality materials and craftsmanship.

Stone Walls / Retaining Walls

Our wall designs are based on more than just your home's architecture and outward appearance. We take the natural landscape and drainage into consideration to make sure that your new retaining wall / stone wall looks great and lasts for decades.

We work with you in selecting the right materials and creating a custom design, so that your wall will be a perfect compliment to your property.

Each home and landscape presents unique challenges for mason contractors. Shepherd Stoneworks has the artistic skill and years of experience to overcome these challenges, building walls with beauty and durability that will last for years.

Stone Steps / Brick Steps

Stone and brick steps have many benefits when compared with wood or concrete steps. Stone is low maintenance; it will never rot, splinter, or warp. Stone never requires refinishing, sanding, or water sealing. It last for decades and is naturally weather resistant.

Compared with concrete steps, which can crack and erode with use, stone steps offer better durability against earthquakes and extreme weather conditions. Stone steps also provide an elegance and style unmatched by flat concrete.

What our clients say

You guys gave us just what we wanted! The stone walls are great when we have family over - and we often do - because now everyone has a place to sit outside.

I enjoy looking out and seeing the patio every day. Our family will enjoy this for many years to come. Thanks again!
Vance | Bellevue, WA